$400 Epic land in Barnardsville available to create your ??? (Barnardsville)

North Fork Rd, Barnardsville, NC 28709

Epic land in Barnardsville available to create your ??? 1 thumbnailEpic land in Barnardsville available to create your ??? 2 thumbnailEpic land in Barnardsville available to create your ??? 3 thumbnailEpic land in Barnardsville available to create your ??? 4 thumbnailEpic land in Barnardsville available to create your ??? 5 thumbnail
We've got 20 amazing acres in Bville. We're searching for the right folks to work with. If you are community oriented, entrepreneurial and crafty/handy regarding homestead living. Our property is split into 2 primary sections. One is for our event/retreat space and STR and the other will be for more permanent living. This situation is perfect for folks who already live in a schoolie or RV that can boon-dock. There is a spring that needs to be re-plummed on the community side and the power would need to be turned on if you didn't have solar or other renewable energy source. The creek water is also very clean this far up the mountain.

We are providing an awesome space with lots of amenities to enjoy and possibilities to explore . But you need to be self sufficient or be able to create the systems you need to your level of comfort. So this is ideal for family friendly, freedom minded creators, homesteaders and builders. We can work with you on rent to offset some systems initially. Ideally we're looking for folks who can BUY into the land and own a stake in what's being created out here. But if you want a place to call home for a season and can REALLY garden, build cool functional stuff, make outdoor art sculptures, have effective biz management skills or event marketing skills let's talk. We want people out here we can enjoy family meals with, play music, enjoy bonfires, co-create and make good money doing what we love not just folks who can occupy a space and pay rent.

Please read the copy from one of the other ads below to get a more poetic sense of the place and what you can enjoy here.

How would you like to wake up in the morning, walk about 20 ft and dip into a cool clean creek to start the day and then the dry sauna (arriving soon)? Drink, shower and bathe in fresh clean mountain spring water or hike up a 3000 ft densely wooded mountain side to get your blood pumping.Or scoot down just down the road to the epic hike at the big ivy creek trailhead? Perhaps you'd prefer to start the day meditating on one of the giant grandfather stones that mark this land. Or perhaps you'd go hit the heavy bag or practice your axe throwing to get rid of some tension before doing some yoga and stretching on our beautifully designed deck. If you're into enjoying monthly summer concerts, movie nights, star gazing, lawn games and creekside hammocks, bonfires, potlucks and the occasional gel blaster battle that ensues with the kiddos this may be your jam. On top of all that, what if you could have a bit of land to grow your own food, hang out with our chickens, rabbits and guinea fowl and hop in a hot tub in the evening before retiring to your comfy queen bed. All this while enjoying the company of a creative, freedom minded conscious community. Are you entrepreneurial? Even better! Perhaps you could start or run your business from this little patch of paradise. Sold yet? We're Mosaic Mountain Village! on IG. We're an upcoming wellness retreat and events venue with homesteaders heart. And we're curating for an emerging community of freedom minded, creative thinkers and folks driven by purpose! Is that YOU? If so, read carefully. Responses MUST include links to a social media profile and/or maybe even a link to some awesome heart inspired work that you do. Preferences given to hard skills people: food production, building things, large scale sculptural land artists (random... I know) social media and story telling skills, musicians who have the head together, folks who enjoy working with animals, food production skills, landscape design, high level communication skills, integrity and self governance. Generally people who look at life and how they express themselves personally and professionally (no matter the method) with both curiosity, wonder and critical thinking. meaning, if you drank the corporate Kool-aide from the past few years, not a good fit.

Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you.

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