Dutchman/Coleman Lantern 17B - $17,500 (Brevard, NC)

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Off-grid ready! ALL the upgrades! Turn-key travel trailer ready for your adventures!

We're (sadly) selling our 2023 Coleman Lantern 17B due to some family circumstances & changes. We bought this from CW (ug!) in June of last year, and have used it a handful of times. I went a bit crazy with the upgrades...but let my eagerness be your gain. This travel trailer is in immaculate condition...better than new! She pulls wonderfully (we've pulled her with both a Toyota Tacoma and Ford F150 without issues. If you're shopping for travel trailers, you've undoubtedly come across the 17B. And you're probably familiar with the bare-bones model that you get when you buy it new. But come take a look at this one...all the upgrades done for you!

Upgrades (all included with sale):
- 10000lb weight distribution hitch with integrated sway control arm
- Weize front leveling jacks
- Double-step folding entry step
- Window in entry door with integrated blind
- keyless/fob door lock with 4 fobs and programmable key code
- friction hinges (prevents door from swinging open/closed in the wind)
- upgraded gray/white awning fabric
- upgraded kitchen window with sliding glass and screen
- outdoor table mount with quick release table
- exterior light by door (has white and amber lights) with switch integrated into control panel
- rear bumper reinforced with U bolts
- rear mount spare tire carrier (tire and rim included!)
- Under bunk exterior strorage hatch
- Hiker multi-speed, in/out rain-sensing fan installed where previous pop-out vent was
- kitchen tile with border
- magnetic knife holder
- stainless steel paper towel holder
- stainless steel hooks
- utensil organizers, cabinet organizers
- fruit/veggie "hammock"
- I built a stove cover to increase counter space. It is personalized, but you can easily refinish...included if you'd like
- fridge reinforced with aluminum trim to prevent scratching
- child locks for fridge (to prevent opening when traveling)
- upgraded dinette with removable leg for conversion to sleeper
- gas struts on all upward-opening cabinets
- under bed storage with gas strut bed lift (can access mechanicals, water tank, and "garage")
- new (feb 24) 6" memory foam queen short mattress
- 12V USB charging ports added to both bunks and queen bed
- bungee nets by each bed for storage
- hanging clothes "shelf" by queen bed
- storage bins above queen bed included in sale
- bathroom shelf with bungee cords
- corner shower caddy
- new shower head with on/off button to save water

Off-grid ready!
Solar system:
- 400W of solar panels on the roof installed with unistrut--incredibly sturdy
- 200 ah 12V Renogy deep-cycle marine/AGM battery
- 1000W Renogy pure sine wave inverter
- GoPower automatic transfer switch integrated to allow seamless transition form shore power to solar
- Renogy Rover 40amp solar charge controller
- All battery cables/fuses oversized to allow bigger inverter/batteries if you 'd upgrade later

This solar system is enough to run all lights, chargers, small appliances for multiple days. For larger electric draws (the AC unit, microwave, and fireplace heater) we used a generator or shore power.

- I had planned to install a diesel heater for full 4-season use later this year. I'm not quite sure where I'd put it. I will include it in the sale if you are interested (but you'd have to install yourself - there are many great guides and videos out there)

Also included are all the tubes and hoses you'll need to get sent up at a campsite:
- sewage hose with attachments
- sewage hose "steps" to provide proper incline/drainage
- fresh water hose
- 30 amp heavy-duty power cord
- some other odds and ends that I can't quite fully remember now

ALL of this is included! I know Camping World is selling these for 13K...but then you'll have dealer fees, dock fees, and all kinds of other charges...and then you'll have to buy all the things listed above (I'm guessing I have 5-6K invested). Save yourself the time, money and aggravation of sitting at CW (use it instead for sitting by a campfire!) Come take a look at this awesome camper and let's make a deal.

I'm happy to send additional pictures if you need to see something specific, and more than happy to answer any questions.

I won't travel to "show" it (sorry, I have 2 little kids and their school and activity schedules can't accommodate such things). However, if we make a deal, I'd be happy to deliver the trailer within 100 miles.

Please note, I'll be using KeySavvy for this sale. If you aren't familiar with KeySavvy, please check out their website, reviews and FAQ section. I've used them in the past and love their service. They provide safety and peace-of-mind for both you , the buyer and me, the seller. It helps keep the scammers at bay, and allows a really smooth transaction. They do charge a $99 buyer's fee...but I will be happy to cover that if we can make a deal.

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