$575 Room For Rent, East Asheville (Haw Creek Area)

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Hi, I have a room for rent in east Asheville. The house itself is a 3BR 1.5Bath brick rancher built in the 70's. The room for rent is a rather cozy little L-shaped bedroom/smaller studio/office space in the finished half of the basement. (The photos with a yellow star) It's 12ft long and 11ft wide, with a small closet. I've included a drawing of the room dimensions.
The house is a pretty solid spot with a big--& flat--back yard full of maples and poplars, and a garden; awesome back porch with a tiki bar and grill, & lots of seating--it basically acts more as our living room than the actual one. The actual living room has a pool table, vinyl deck, and fish tank. See photos. Kitchen is a shotgun, and can get a little tight if everyone tries to cook at once, but it gets the job done. There is currently three people living in the house, in the rooms upstairs--all fellas in their early thirties, late twenties.

My name's Chris, I have been managing the property and living here for a little over four years now. The room in question, I rented to a musician who used it as a little studio space, and place to crash about half the week--But he's moved in with his partner and the room is now immediately available. It has been a full-time bedroom for previous tenants before, but it is on the smaller side, so I offer this space either way: You could live here full-time, or rent it as any type of studio space or office--how ever you'd like to use it. The price reflects the size, but if you rent the room expect to split utilities equally four ways---that being electricity, water, and in the winter, gas heat.
I am a wood worker and have a shop out back, within earshot for sure, of the room. So the occasional sound of power tools is a factor, but certainly not a constant. I usually don't work from home unless a I receive a commissioned furniture piece. The basement is the footprint of the home: half is finished, and other half is a garage/laundry room/music space with plenty of instruments, guitars, amps, drum kit, etc. Plenty of storage room there that you could be free to use, for tools and equipment or whatever within reason.
So, musicians are encouraged--visual artists, gardeners, woodworks/metal workers, encouraged---but I will speak with any one. I can't really do pets right now... unless you have the absolute chillest, cleanest, won't-tear-up-our-shit dog in the world...I've had some bad experiences there, so it would be very situational...but I'm definitely not down with the indoor litter box. So unless your cat is, like, mostly outdoors, cats are a no-go, sorry. So let's just say, in general pets are a no. (I have lots of fish though, if you're an aquarium person ;)
Okay, what else?..
We work nine-to-fives generally, so if you work from home you'd have place to self most working-hour days.
The main bathroom with shower/tub/toilet is shared, so you know, gotta be courteous and clean, in that respect. Same for the kitchen, obviously--please do you dishes after you use them, its the most shared space.
The house is plenty furnished so, I really don't need a tenant with a house-full's worth of furniture.
And above, Lordy please, no crazy drama. We are pretty calm-cool-&-collected here, though have been known to throw the occasional party on the weekend--spark a bonfire, have folks over, maybe make some music, shoot pool and spin records, what-have-you. Those nights are not frequent though. Generally, pretty relaxed nights here.
Drink and smoke (outside only) is present here, so if any of that is a problem for you/has been in the past, & is something you need to avoid, it's probably not a good fit.
At the end of the day, I'm all about havin' a swell time, being creative, and getting along--while we eek out an existence in this super-expensive town we've found ourselves in.

I prefer to first: text or email, then phone call, & then meet in person, somewhere public for a coffee/tea or afterwork beverage, before showing the room to anyone in person. So if you are interested feel free to email, or, for likely a quicker response to text (nine1nine-eight1zero-seven9zero4), any time. Cheers.

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