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body: fit
height: 5'9" (175cm)
education: college
kids, have: nope
pets: yep
status: married
drinks: sometimes
interests: philosophy, virtual reality, gaming
dislikes: cigarettes
kids, want: plan to adopt

age: 42

We're a good looking, fit, fun, intellectual poly-'ish' couple, seeking another like minded couple for friendship and hopefully more. We're both early 40s but are commonly told we look much younger.

We're slightly nerdy, well spoken, considerate, spiritual (but not religious), not awfully kinky (if you don't count this!), no tattoos, non smokers (but 420 tolerant in moderation), social drinkers, and we're more in love than ever. We're not hippies or hipsters, nor are we gothy or grungy. We're well groomed, successful business owners, and if you met us, you would never guess we had posted this ad on Craigslist! ;-)

First, let's explain what we mean by "poly-ish'". Poly is short for polyamory which means being open to having more than one loving relationship (non monogamy), in case you didn't know. However, typically that means as a couple that we would likely end up having separate independent relationships. Although we know it's a bit of a long shot, we're hoping to find another couple where we can all be great friends and where there might be some boundary expansion compared to a conventional couple-friends relationship.

So, that might sound like swinging at first, but that's not what we're seeking. Swinging usually means hooking up with other people for meaningless sex. Although we're open to (and exited about!) a sexual aspect, that's not our primary motivation. Our primary motivation is a genuine, meaningful, caring, significant connection, with sexuality possibly (hopefully!) being a component of that. Maybe things would only go as far as cuddling, footsy under the table, overt flirting, or other tame stuff. . . or maybe things would progress to a full blown love affair. . . that's up to everyone to decide if we find the right couple.

We've also found that "Poly" type people tend to believe that committing yourself to just one other person for a long period of time is unnatural from their perspective. We're really not on that page. We've committed ourselves to each other for over twenty years and as a result have achieved a state of perfect balance, harmony, and understanding with each other which has allowed us to consider finding another couple in an equally awesome place, with the hope of multiplying awesome times awesome (awesome squared?!).

We're definitely not looking to move in together or anything like that!

We're not totally against having separate relationships if it were to just happen that way, but we prefer the idea of an "integrated" relationship with another couple that we share a foundation of all of us being good friends. This seems to be quite unusual for the Poly community, so we describe ourselves as "poly-ish".

We realize that there's a possibility that sparks may fly between our female half and your male half, while our male half and your female half may be better suited to just be great friends (or vice versa). If this were to happen, we would be open to letting things develop and would not shut things down, but our hope is that we can find a couple where things are balanced and chemistry is fantastic all around.

With something like this, it's important to be able to have the emotional maturity to keep perspective, maintain the integrity of your primary relationship, and not lose your marbles over a new connection. We have no doubt that we can do that, but it's important that we find another couple who is rock solid and also is at a place to be able to explore something like this. So, couples who have been together for less than two years are probably not ideal for what we're seeking.

What we're definitely NOT looking for is a couple who is not at a great place and seeking outside relationships as an alternative to separating (because of kids or some other thing making separation unpalatable).

We are not expecting to go past conventional friendship right away. There's no rush and we would be perfectly happy to keep things at the Platonic stage for however long it suits (possibly indefinitely!). We're fine with finding new friends regardless!

First and foremost, we would love to find "best couple friends" that we can hang out with, possibly vacation with, and make some amazing memories. We're new to the area so don't have good friends here yet.

It should be said that although our female half is "bi-curious", we are primarily seeking a boy/girl connection in terms of going past friendship. We're also not seeking group sex. Not that some kind of mischief of that kind is impossible with enough time and established trust (and alcohol ;-) but it's not at the top of the agenda. Again, we're not swingers. We're not looking to watch or be watched or start with the girls making out, or any of those other swinger tropes. This is primarily about connecting on a deeper, meaningful level.

Although we've been thinking about and looking into this for some time now, we've never found the right couple for us. We looked into swinging years ago but decided it wasn't for us and kept our clothes on. We've only been with each other in the very long time we've been together (college sweethearts).

You might wonder why such a wonderful, well written message ended up on the Craigslist personals! There's just virtually no other suitable place to post it! ;-)

We're prepared for the possibility that we'll never find that couple who is peanut butter to our jelly, and we're OK with that. We know that we're seeking something pretty extraordinary, but we would rather shoot for the stars and miss than to never have tried. Life is short right? Let's make some magic!
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