Quality Help for Wilderness Homestead (East TN / West NC)

I would like to say up front that this posting will not be for most homesteads looking for help in its general functioning and maintenance. Even so, I believe there must be at least one that will be interested in the following information. On that note, please understand that the following 'conditions' are in no wise intended as arrogant or demanding. I am not asking anyone to change anything, but this message is intended only for those who already have such accommodations in place, and are simply hoping to find the right decent and honorable person to fill them. Therefore, perhaps it's best that I begin with what is asked for in return, for therein lies the reason why most homesteads will not have the ability to fulfill what is necessary.

There is one primary aspect of the homestead that will be absolutely essential for there to be a good fit... profound peace and quiet in a private, separate living environment (such as a cabin or the equivalent). For this to be possible, the homestead would naturally need to be reasonably set apart in a very rural location (the most wilderness-like the better). Of course, the sounds of nature (birds, forest creatures, flowing creek water, etc) are more than welcome, but things such as vehicle traffic noise, industrial noise, close and frequent airplane traffic, dogs incessantly barking thru the night, unconscientious neighbors and the like, would be immediate deal breakers for me. Also, please understand that the peaceful environment I'm describing here pertains to the living space where I would actually reside, rather than any 'working' environment I might be operating in. Of course, regular workday noises, as is common with construction activities and the like where I happen to be performing various tasks, are completely reasonable and expected. Even so, being able to count on enjoying the serenity of personal time between early evening and early morning is what I'm after. And one final detail to mention here, is that I would be bringing a good amount of supplies with me. On this account, I will be reasonably self sufficient, needing no outside assistance, except for the actual space in which to occupy and keep the supplies.
So, the bottom line here is that, if you cannot honestly characterize your place as already having an established environment of genuine peace and quiet, then please read no further, for we would certainly not be a good fit together.

If you find yourself still reading for more information, then the following is a quick summary of what you will want to know in considering whether I would be an asset to your homestead or not:

Regarding personality-oriented aspects, I do not smoke, drink or use drugs of any kind. For my part, I bring a calm, safe and trustworthy presence. I am neither violent, nor a criminal. I am most at home with those of a calm and gentle spirit. My age is currently 66, able-bodied, have no medical conditions, have no need of any medication, and am in exceptionally good general health. In terms of trustworthiness and conscientiousness with others, I feel very strongly that the same measure that we mete out to others, will eventually be measured back to us. Therefore, since I do not want others to steal from me, take advantage of me, lie to me, harm me, or even judge me, then I will never do any of those things to you.
Pertaining to skill sets and experience, even tho I have had no formal training in construction, I have considerable experience in the complete restoration of a vintage home, as well as other properties formerly owned and been associated with (electrical, plumbing and structural repair). As to those aspects that I'm not sufficiently familiar with, I will research and learn how they are properly done. I am always interested in new projects to work out. I have a reasonable compliment of my own tools. As for quality, I think a job well done is the only job worth doing.
As to permaculture-related aspects, I have a good working understanding of the theory and methodology of the Berkeley 18-day hot composting, along with the ability and understanding to check its quality with the microscope. Furthermore, I am also familiar with the teaching of Dr Elaine Ingham and her Soil Food Web organization as pertaining to soil health and maintenance. I have experience as well with animal care and the use of chicken and rabbit tractors.
So, by now you should probably have a feel for whether you might want to contact me further or not. If you do, please, PLEASE, first take a good, honest look at your situation to be sure that the peace, quiet and privacy aspects are genuinely in place. If so, then please respond at your convenience. If you know of someone who would like to find an honorable person to help them, but are reluctant to conduct a search themselves, then please forward this information to them. Of course, I realize how long and unconventional this post must seem, but I think the best approach here is to simply be straight forward and honest up front.
Finally, if you do wish to reply to this message and ask me to contact you, then please look for one additional reply email from me that will include important extra information that I think you will want to know before proceeding further. Again, this is simply to help give you better determine whether or not I would be the perfect fit. If all seems good after reviewing the introductory info, then I will very much like to speak with you directly... thanks.

Note: If you do not receive that additional email from me within 24 hrs, then please let me know right away (the Craigslist email system is oftentimes less reliable than others). If this is the case, then please let me know if another email address is available to which I can resend the message.

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