🌲Need peaceful, unfurnished home or room🌳🌞 (within 30 min of Asheville)

🌲Seeking peaceful home:🌳🌞 Hi there. Very long ad I know but it's to make it easier for you to quickly know if we're a fit.🙂

For just myself (employed, tidy, kind, fairly quiet 40/f with car, no pets, occasional guests), I want to rent my own unit - a studio, 1-bedroom, or tiny home.

OR (if quiet enough) a fully private, private entrance section of a home/building with own bathroom/shower + kitchen (or mini-kitchen; see below).

OR a bedroom with its own bathroom if bedroom is big enough for bed, small couch, and kitchenette (must be uncarpeted and allow big fridge and big sink to not have to do dishes in bathroom sink). Not currently open to a tent, yurt, trailer, or RV.

🌿$1,100/mth at most total including utilities. Security deposit is fine. $800/mth is even better so I can build more savings.
🌿Within 30-min drive of Asheville.
🌿Move-in date has some flexibility but ASAP best.
🌿12-month lease with option to renew. I maybe can do 6-month. It can't just be month-to-month - but lease can say either party can give 30-day notice to move.
🌿Seeking safely built, all-weather, well-maintained space with comfortable heat/cooling and abundant, reliable electricity. Open to unconventional/off-grid (solar panels, compost toilets, well water, rocket mass heater, etc.) if it meets that criteria.
🌿My own mailbox best, but if shared I 100% need my mail treated with respect (not lost, thrown out, left where it can be rained on, or read). I need mailbox not shared with landlord.
🌿For food storage/prep, just need full-size fridge/freezer and big sink for doing dishes (or allowed to add those). No other kitchen (stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, cupboards) needed because I can set up what mini-kitchen I need if needed with dresser (drawers are pantry, top is counter), induction hot plate, blender, Instant Pot. (Supervised use, one at a time, unplugged when not in use.) If it's a standard kitchen, that's fine too.
🌿Not open to worktrade right now. I want to just pay full rent. But if you have tasks you want help with beyond my normal tenant upkeep (I do have a variety of home/land skills and enjoy helping improve/maintain spaces with function/safety/health + beauty) - for a fair price we can discuss if it's a fit. (It'd be its own job you pay for in money, not a worktrade paid for as discounted rent.)
🌿If possible, I deeply appreciate heads up far in advance on when and by how much rent will increase.
🌿Quiet nature area not by super busy road. Ideally by forest with mountain views (not hard to find in WNC).
🌿Must have reasonably big windows (enough sun) allowed to open when I wish.
🌿Roads safe year-round for non-AWD sedan and reasonably plowed in winter.
🌿Optional bonus points if raised bed organic food garden allowed (I can improve your soil).
🌿Space for me and at least 2 guests to park. I'm safe and respectful about guests including them not visiting so often they're like rent-free tenants. Ideal is openness to moving in a partner (who pays rent) if that ever becomes a fit.
🌿MUST be very clear, written, signed lease, not just verbal/handshake. Preferably notarized.
🌿The lease would say this: For rent, must allow all these options: checks, cash handed directly from me to landlord, and at least one of these 3: Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. Paid by me or maybe at times by another person/organization. I need a receipt from landlord (not just from a housemate or property manager) each time I pay.
🌿I need full permission from landlord (building owner) to live there. Not being snuck in without their permission.
🌿Kind landlord who respects tenant rights (such as working fire extinguisher and smoke alarms, any pipes well-maintained, mouse prevention, mold prevention), privacy, reliable and capable support if things break or emergencies. I will also treat the people and space eith respect and want this to be a really comfortable, mutually respectful, long-term tenant/landlord relationship. If year goes well, maybe even renewing for years to come.
🌿I've found dealing directly with one local landlord (who enjoys being a landlord and is available/responsive enough for it) to generally work best, not a couple or a third-party property manager.
🌿I cannot offer good credit. That's a work-in-progress.
🌿I'm not violent or a criminal and recently got a 5-year background check for work. Do whatever background check you like on me but I'm not showing (or asking for) driver's license as those can be used for identity theft. I'd also like to see background check for any landlord/housemates.
🌿I don't use substances, no substance addiction history, and don't like being around them in my home; the less the better and the more honesty the better on this. Cigarette/420/vape smell travels pretty far and really bugs me.
🌿Optional but I'd love the opportunity to paint the walls the colors of my choice (I use careful prep/priming and VOC-blocking, non-toxic products so improves the space's health) and if needed can paint them back at end.
🌿I'll have indoor houseplants.
🌿Optionally but ideally the home allows foster dogs. I have professional pet care training and would take very responsible care of them.
🌿If you want, I have a couple references. I ask the same of any landlord and housemates too.
🌿I understand there's much wildlife. I respect and continue to learn about co-existing with the amazing creatures and know from camping/research that enough safe distance needed, like not leaving food on porch, not handing bears food, having enough outdoor lighting at night, not very into cat doors, etc. Said with respect to various lifestyles, I personally am not a hunter or one who raises meat or wants to live on land with meat production.
🌿I'd like to see the place and us to sit down and really discuss if we're a good fit as tenant/landlord. Home is a big deal and I like these decisions to be made with enough communication and care so we both can be comfortable and on the same page. Very reasonably clear, open, mature communication matters a lot to me, including ability/willingness to voice and resolve conflicts without yelling or excessive avoiding. Best is if you're very emotional intelligent and growth-oriented and have at all studied healthy conflict resolution, NVC, trauma-informed, attachment styles, boundaries, etc. None of us are perfect (including me).

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