Registered Nigeiran Dwarf Does (Weaverville)

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I’m making very hard cuts within my herd this year. Due to no fault of their own they are all very healthy and taken care of I’m just wanting to thin down my herd. These are not sale barn goats.
I will post a description below of each goat and the price. They was all just received their copper bolus and they get replamin gel once a month.
I do not worm my goats without having a fecal done to not only make sure that they are wormed with the correct wormers and so that way they do not become resistant to the wormers.
They are all up to date on cd&t vaccinations and good trimmings.
Right now their coats are not slick and shinny not only are we coming out of the winter months but they was due for copper bolus and they just received it so with due time they will be back to normal.
They are all in 5 strand electric fence and respect it.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me, text me or message our farm page on Facebook at-
Cedar Ridge Farms Nigerian Dwarf goats

Bella- Bella has been on our farm since the beginning, she is such a sweet girl and a fantastic mom to her babies. She has had quads 2 does 2 bucks for the last 2 years and kidded unassisted!
She is 8 years old but you wouldn’t know it she’s healthy as can be she is currently in milk.
She’s $400

Maggie- Maggie has also been on our farm since the beginning and is also very sweet and a great mom. She has always had either twins or triplets she is 7 years old.
She’s one of my best Milkers and is used to being hand milked and machine milked.
She is currently in milk.
She’s $400

Lil Anne- Lil Anne was also bought as a bottle baby doeling she has also kidded twice last year was a single and this year she kidded twins.
She was introduced to the milk machine this year and took to it like a champ.
She doesn’t produce a ton of milk either but I also dried her up the last two years as soon as her babies was weaned.
She’s friendly but is more standoffish she will be your best friend if you have treats and feed.
She just turned 3.
She’s $500

Maple- Maple has been on our farm since she was a baby, she’s never kidded and she’s not the friendliest but that’s completely my fault we’ve had a lot going on the last year and I’ve not had time to work with her and spend as much time with her as I should have.
She will come to you for treats and feed she is out of a silver buck and her dam is covered in moonspots.
She’s 1
She’s $450

Dixie- Dixie has also been on our farm since she was a baby, she’s never had a baby either she is also not the friendliest same reason as maple I just have not had the time to spend with them like I should have but she will come to you for treats and grain. I definitely think that if someone could spend more time with her she has alot of potential.
She just turned 1
She’s $450

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