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SALE! Chicks Available Updated 4/13 - $4 (BURNSVILLE)

Chick season is in full swing! Serendipity Farm has a variety of hatchery-sexed female chicks available weekly March - early May and farm-hatched specialty breeds hatching throughout the Spring and Summer. I will update the offerings each week as our assorted chicks arrive and our own hatches are complete. We have a no-contact pick-up station and are located between Mars Hill and Burnsville about 10 miles from exit #9 on Hwy 26. Pick-ups can be scheduled Wednesday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. No pick-ups on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Chicks will need a brooder with additional heat until they are fully feathered at around 6-8 weeks old. I do not have any coop-ready pullets available unless noted below. All chicks come with a free starter bag including food, chick grit, and vitamin/electrolyte/probiotic supplement. Chick feeders and founts are $5 each and includes a 1 quart jar for each - They are $8.48 plus tax at Tractor Supply including the jars!

We guarantee all our hatchery-sexed female chicks and will refund you if you accidently get a male. We also will take back roosters from our straight run hatches for rehoming or processing in mid-late Summer, though there are no refunds on straight run chicks. When we have enough chicks available, we have farm-choice assortments of 6 laying-breed females for $45 or 10 for $70.

***SALE!!! - AVAILABLE NOW - Females (hatchery-sexed) - hatched 3/22***
6 "Mystery" females (Could be Welsummer, Crested Legbar, or Brown Leghorn) $5 each
11 Speckled Sussex females - $6 each
6 Black Copper Marans $12 each
4 Buff Brahma $7 each
7 Buckeye $7 each
3 Delaware $7 each


AVAILABLE NOW - Females (hatchery-sexed) - hatched 4/5
2 White Leghorn $8 each
3 Barred Rock $8 each

AVAILABLE NOW - straight run (unsexed) - hatched 4/9/21
10 Lavender Orpington- $6 each
1 Black Copper Marans - $8

------COMING SOON-------

***Hatching 4/12/21 - Available approximately 4/14/21***
Egyptian Fayoumi (reserved)
4 Blue Cuckoo Marans $15 each, females only
2 Light Brahma $10 each, females only
Assorted Rare/Specialty Breed Females - specific breeds to be posted 4/14/21
2 Buff Chantecler MALES, rare heritage breed $10 each

***Hatching 4/15/21 - Available approximately 4/17/21***
Olive Egger
Cream Crested Legbar
Assorted Polish
Lavender Orpington

***Hatching 4/19/21 - Available approximately 4/21/21***
Assorted Rare/Specialty Breeds - specific breeds to be posted 4/21/21

***Hatching 4/26/21 - Available approximately 4/28/21***
Assorted Rare/Specialty Breeds - specific breeds to be posted 4/28/21

***Hatching 6/5/21 - Available approximately 6/7/21***
2 Silver Laced Wyandotte $10 each
2 Buff Chantecler $10 each
Assorted Rare/Specialty Breeds - specific breeds to be posted 6/7/21

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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