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Used BCX Ultra Deluxe Rife Frequency Generator $2000 OBO - $2000


make / manufacturer: Hymbas

BCX Ultra Deluxe unit (frequency generator w amplifier)
Hand-held Plasma Ray Tubes (100khz, 30w!)
Electrodes: metal cylinders (can be used for facelift treatments), metal footplates.

(Original Price: $2695)

Wave Types: Widest Range of Wave Types including our exclusive Square 'Pulse' Wave. Wave Types are imperative to kill of organisms and here is why details . No other rife machine has this many.

Rife Frequencies: Runs ALL ORIGINAL RIFE Frequencies. BCX Ultra runs from 1Hz up to 4MHz for both the Frequency & Carrier Wave. If a rife device does not have a radio carrier wave then it cannot run Rife's Original frequencies. NOTE: 4MHz is enough to run ALL Rife's Original Frequencies

Accessories: Widest Range of Accessories both included and optional. The BCX Ultra Deluxe runs all BCX accessories. The BCX Ultra Lite includes the high powered plasma beam tube and can also run at the same stime the BCX electrodes and BCX microcurrent garments. We have the most powerful beam tube on the market outputting 150 watts! No other rife machine has this many accessories.

Handheld Plasma Raytubes: Our well known powerful Hand-held Plasma Ray Beam Tubes (BCX Ultra Deluxe unit only) uses both conduction and plasma gas which is a powerful combination ( more details incl. video). Our raytubes are made of noble gases containing a special mix of argon, krypton, xenon, neon. We do NOT use helium. Why do we not use helium? Because the helium molecule is so small that the helium gas leaks from the glass tubes diminishing the power & light causing the tube to not last very long. We have done extensive research to come up with the proper gas mix to produce the optimal results and durability.

Upgrades: Any Software Upgrades, just send in your unit to get the latest & greatest. Future option will be through your computer.

Radio Carrier Wave: Radio Carrier Wave & Gating Wave. A Radio Carrier wave is absolutely necessary in order to carrier the frequency wave deep in to the body. If a unit does not have a Radio Carrier wave then it is not as effective and cannot run Rife's Original frequencies. Royal Rife's unit used a powerful Radio Carrier wave.

Square Pulse Wave: Our unique 'Square Pulse Wave' - Pulses a Square Wave. We have found this to more effective than the Standard Square Wave and better results are being seen with the die off of pathogens.

Amplifier: Amplifier & Frequency Generator are both built-in to our BCX Ultra unit. Our previous models were built separately. Some rife devices are cumbersome and have the unit and amplifier as 2 seperate units making it large and clugey or they simply dont have much power.

Run 3 Accessories Same Time: Exciting WIDE Variety of Accessories that connect with the BCX Ultra Deluxe unit. The BCX Ultra Deluxe unit you can combine up to 2 electrodes simultaneously with any of the other BCX accessories. No other rife device can do this. The BCX Ultra Lite is able to run the BCX electrodes and BCX microcurrent garments simultaneously with the plasma tube.

Longest producing rife manufacturer for over 23yrs starting with the Biotec 2000, BCX211, BCX411. Each year we invest thousands on research & development. We stand behind our products w our 60 day return & 3 yr warranty upg to Lifetime). Our units are produced and serviced in the US. Some rife devices are made in China and are serviced in China.

Technology: We use Crystal circuitry board technology to get an exact frequency and we have the fastest surge rate of any unit. BCX Ultra: 150ns 1Hz to 4MHz . What does a faster surge rate translate to? It means better results for killing off organisms.

INDIVIDUALLY CALIBRATED, Flawless craftsmanship & built with high quality parts. The BCX products are built right here in the United States. Our technicians test and calibrate each unit before it is shipped to you. We ensure the BCX Ultra devices have the highest accuracy and resolution as detailed on our technical specs for all of our BCX products including the BCX accessories.

Sophisticated CHAINING: Select multiple programs to run per session. Great for running while you are sleeping and practitioners.

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